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Peer Networking

About the Programs

We run a series of programs designed to connect educators in ways that strengthen their individual practices and the systems they work in as a whole. Each of these programs offers ways for professionals in the field to connect with others in similar roles; program components vary and we aim to structure programs to meet the contextual needs of participants.

We are continually adding to and adjusting these offerings to meet the needs of each community, so please check back regularly or view upcoming calendar events. If you are interested in having us organize a peer network or a support platform for your school community, or would like to become part of one, we encourage you to contact us.


Turnaround Principals' Network (TPN)

This interactive network sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education brings together leaders of turnaround schools to discuss the key instructional, leadership and turnaround topics that matter most to them. Conferences are run twice a year in an “un-conference” style, meaning participants set the agenda. TPN members also have the opportunity to participate in learning visits to other schools, receive monthly newsletters, can access to a website where they can stay connected, and have access to a national database of online resources. Jill Harrison Berg is director of the Turnaround Principals’ Network.


Principals' Think Tank

The Principals’ Think Tank  convenes small groups of principals in person on a monthly basis for the opportunity to share ideas and strategies that help them handle day-to-day challenges. Groups are limited to about 10 people and each cohort meets about 5-10 times. The Think Tank is facilitated by former elementary school principal Dave Castelline and former high school principal Charlie Skidmore. Contact Us to find out when the next cohort will be starting.


Professional Learning Communities

We periodically run open enrollment workshops and series where the goal is not just to deliver content, but also to create a platform for peers from different communities to network and stay connected. In addition to interactive activities throughout the training day, there may be follow up webinars and online sites where resources can be accessed and shared. We have found these vehicles to be particularly useful in giving participants the opportunity to hear how others have applied the learning, what successes and obstacles they have encountered, and what questions they still have.

When new initiatives that impact many districts are introduced, such as the new supervision and evaluation standards, we may host convenings for district leaders to network, discuss, prepare and strengthen their support networks.

In some districts these learning communities take the form of regular meetings, facilitated by a Teachers21 consultant. Colleagues, often from different schools, can support each other in sharing solutions, overcoming challenges and increasing their impact.