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Masters of Ed in Curriculum and Teaching: Sandwich Cohort


Applications for the Masters of Education in Curriculum and Teaching for Math Educators* are now closed for the Sandwich cohort.

Applications require: 

  1. Official transcript of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
  2. Three letters of recommendation
  3. Professional resume
  4. Official transcripts of graduate level course work from a regionally accredited institution (if applicable)
  5. Graduate application and $25 fee

The courses required to complete this degree are listed below. You will be notified when registration opens for each course which will be 30-60 days before the first meeting date. For most courses you will need to register and pay for both the instruction at the Teachers21 site, and the credits at the Fitchburg State University site. Payment is expected at the time of registration.

Master's candidates may be eligible to finance up to 100% of the cost through Sallie Mae at very reasonable interest rates. While participants are still responsible for paying for each course, including the credits, they are eligible to apply for a loan that will cover the full amount of all the courses in the program.


To initiate the financing, degree candidates must complete the Master’s program application and be accepted into the program although this does not have to happen before taking the first few courses. Once the application to Fitchburg State University and to Sallie Mae is complete, enrolled students will be eligible to receive the full amount they wish to finance, and payments will be made to the student directly over the course of the 2015-2016 school year.


Please note that in-person courses typically meet Friday evening 4:30-8:00, Saturday full day 8:30-3:30.

* Up to four courses can be taken for credit without applying for the full Master's program. An application must be completed before the start of the fifth course for those interested in additional credits.

Semester Sandwich Courses Teachers21 Registration FSU Registration

Spring 2015

Problem Solving

Instructor: Jenny Tsankova

May 1/2, May 29/30, June 12/13, June 19/20

Note: if you missed this course, there will be a make up. 

Workshop Number: 1828


CRN: 43114

Subject/course: MTED 7029E


Summer 2015

Dynamic Perspectives in Education (online)

Instructor: Dr. Patricia Smith

Online: May 26 - June 26

This course will also be offered in the fall.

Online through FSU. No Teachers21 registration required.

CRN: 43144

Subject/course: EDUC 9005



Number Theory

Instructor: Hannah Marton

July 11 - 15, 2016


5 days with 8 contact hours per day

Workshop Number: 1900


CRN: 53226

Subject/course: MTED 7032E



Differentiated Instruction in Mathematics

Instructor: Marcie Abramson

August 5-7

August 10-12

6 days with 7 contact hours per day

Workshop Number: 1901 



CRN:  53343

Course Number: 7033E



Fall 2015

Geometry and Measurement I

Instructor: Jenny Tsankova

September 11/12

September 18/19

October 2/3

October 23/24

Workshop Number: 1902





Course Number:




Fall 2015 

Functions and Algebra I

Instructor: Hannah Marton

October 30/31

November 13/14

November 20/21

December 4/5


Workshop Number: 1903



CRN:  12114


Course Number: 






Spring 2016

Geometry II: Solids and Trigonometry

Instructor: Jenny Tsankova

January 22/23

February 5/6

February 26/27

March 18/19


Workshop Number 1925



CRN:  31743


Course Number:





Data, Statistics, and Technology

Instructor: Dawn White

April 29/30

May 20/21

June 3/4

June 10/11

Workshop Number 1930



CRN: 31745


Course Number: 





Summer 2016 

Problem Solving Introductory Class

Instructor: Jenny Tsankova

June 17/18

June 24/25

June 27, 28, 29 full days


June 30, July 1 if schools close late

Workshop Number 1908



CRN: 40426


Course Number:




Summer 2016

Functions and Algebra II

Instructor: Hannah Marton


July 11- 15, 2016 


Workshop Number 1932




CRN: 50455

Course Number:





Educational Research (online) 

Instructor: Howard Troughton


July 25-October 2, 2016



Workshop Number 2342






CRN:  50587

Course Number:

EDUC 9300E





Fall 2016 

Capstone: Implementation of Best Practices

Instructor: Howard Troughton

Aug 22/23 (meets at Oak Ridge School, Sandwich)

Sept 16/17

Nov 4/5

Dec 2/3

SNOW DATES: Dec 16/17 



Workshop Number 1934








Course Number:

EDUC 9510

CRN: 11964







Curriculum Design and Mathematics Assessment Online


Shephali Fox 


Victoria Miles


Sept 12 - Nov 23,, 2016





Workshop Number 2055





Course Number:

PDMT 6288E

CRN: 11965



CRN: 11966 (FSU online Blackboard access fee - non-credit)




Spring 2017

Selected Topics in Calculus


Jenny Tsankova

May 5/6, 2017

May 12/13, 2017

May 26/27, 2017

June 2/3, 2017 

Workshop Number 1915

Location: Fridays: online/skype (Instructor, Jenny Tsankova, will provide details)

Saturdays: 20 Hamden Dr., So. Easton, MA


CRN: 41412 

Course Number:

MTED 7039E