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LIFT2 For Sponsors

About the Program

The LIFT2 program, now in its 15th year, places committed teachers into paid externships in companies in STEM fields so they can experience first-hand what careers might look like for their students. Through their job experiences, and a companion project-based learning course, these teachers develop the skills and insights to make their teaching come alive in order to inspire their students. Over the course of a year, each teacher in the LIFT2 program might influence 100 to 400 students, and over a career they may touch the lives of 5,000 to 10,000 future employees. 

2019 Extern Application 


We are currently seeking sponsors for the summer 2018 program. Sponsors interested in hosting an Extern should contact Katie Clarke directly. 


Application Information

We are currently seeking sponsors for the summer 2018 program.

2019 Sponsorship Memo of Intent

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Information for Externs

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Why is this program important for your company?

Massachusetts, and the rest of the country, face a severe shortage of college graduates prepared to enter STEM fields. Middle and high school teachers are the most influential in encouraging students, in particular females and minorities, to pursue STEM careers. These teachers' influence depends on the degree to which they can engage their students in real world applications of their learning and raise their students' awareness about the exciting possibilities available in the scientific, technical and engineering fields. By exposing teachers to real world experiences through the LIFT2 program, your corporations will help inspire more students to pursue creative and rewarding STEM careers. 


2019 Program Features

Program Requirements:

  • 5 - 8 weeks or at least 200 hours throughout July and August
  • Mentor assigned to extern
  • Agreement with LIFT2 Staff on Project Learning Objectives and Final Deliverables

Who can be a sponsor:

Any corporation in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and southern New Hampshire able to provide a STEM related experience for a middle or high school math or science teacher. Ideally the experience would include a discrete project (e.g. shadow and assist engineers in the field or the lab) plus exposure to a variety of STEM careers within the sponsoring organization.

Application Information:

Sponsorship applications are now being accepted.

Sponsorship Costs:

  • Sponsors pay the externship stipends plus $6,000 to cover course costs and program administration
  • Stipends are $800 per (40 hour) work week for 5-8 weeks ($20 per hour)
  • If hosting two externs, sponsors pay $9,000 plus stipends




Michael Procacini

Thanks for a great opportunity. It really has helped to change my approach towards my instruction.

LIFT2 sponsor

I felt that it was helpful for the technical staff to include the teacher into the engineering group. It helped them
reflect on work and see how the roots of the technology are shared with students and how that can be done most effectively.

LIFT2 for STEM educators program participant

My classroom has become much more interactive and I feel like students are taking ownership of their material instead of just copying notes and trying to do learning just for learning sake. The students enjoy learning to solve a problem that could be found in the world instead of just studying because that is what other people have done before in similar classes."

LIFT2 for STEM educators program participant

Drawing from this experience will help me in teaching perseverance in all subjects. Also, I learned a lot about how the technologies that 12 year olds frequently use are designed and how they work. This will make my material much more memorable for the students."

LIFT2 for STEM educators program participant

The real world connection was the most valuable aspect of the program as it provided me more insight into a career in the STEM industry. I look forward to sharing my experience with my students."